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CBM-11011 LS3 Camaro coil relocation bracket mount D513A 12611424

CBM-11011 LS3 Camaro coil relocation bracket mount D513A 12611424
Product name : CBM-11011 LS3 Camaro coil relocation bracket mount D513A 12611424
Item : Knat-11011
Details :
Hughes Performance Camaro coil relocation bracket mount D513A 12611424
Product name : Camaro coil relocation bracket mount D513A 12611424
Item : Knat-11011
Details :
Product Original information:
Hughes Performance Camaro coil relocation bracket mount D513A 12611424
Original Part Brand:CBM
Original Part Number: CBM-11011

Car Type:
Make:FORD Engine 
Notes Year Make       Model  Trim Engine
  2009 Ford          Mustang  All All
  2008 Ford          Mustang  All All
  2007 Ford          Mustang  All All
  2006 Ford          Mustang  All All
  2005 Ford          Mustang  All All
  2004 Ford          Mustang  All All
  2003 Ford          Mustang  All All
  2002 Chevrolet     Camaro   All All
  2002 Chevrolet     Corvette All All
  2002 Chevrolet     S10      All All
  2002 Ford          Mustang  All All
  2002 Pontiac       Firebird All All
  2001 Chevrolet     Camaro   All All
  2001 Chevrolet     Corvette All All
  2001 Chevrolet     S10      All All
  2001 Ford          Mustang  All All
  2001 Pontiac       Firebird All All
  2000 Chevrolet     Camaro   All All
  2000 Chevrolet     Corvette All All
  2000 Chevrolet     S10      All All
  2000 Ford          Mustang  All All
  2000 Pontiac       Firebird All All
  1999 Chevrolet     Camaro   All All
  1999 Chevrolet     Corvette All All
  1999 Chevrolet     S10      All All
  1999 Ford          Mustang  All All
  1999 Pontiac       Firebird All All
  1998 Chevrolet     Camaro   All All
  1998 Chevrolet     Corvette All All
  1998 Chevrolet     S10      All All
  1998 Ford          Mustang  All All
  1998 Pontiac       Firebird All All
  1997 Chevrolet     Camaro   All All
  1997 Ford          Mustang  All All
  1997 Pontiac       Firebird All All
  1996 Chevrolet     Camaro   All All
  1996 Ford          Mustang  All All
  1996 Pontiac       Firebird All All
  1995 Chevrolet     Camaro   All All
  1995 Ford          Mustang  All All

China Manufacture Factory: Knatmoto Company
Country of manufacture: Yuhuan, Zhejiang, China
Product Name: Performance Parts for  LS1 LS6 LSX
1 sets including:   2 Stamping + 4 Bout and all nuts
Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel
G.W.: 0.75 kg / 1 sets
LS1 LS6 LSX coil relocation bracket valve cover side mount Custom Clean Look

Knatmoto Company Mass Production Cargo Photo:

 Original Sample Show:

 The installation method of the CBM-11011

Knatmoto custom designed coil relocation brackets for LS style engines. This particular bracket and hardware kit is for LS2/LS3 coils. The part number listed on the coil should be 12570616, 12611424, or 1257061. These brackets are designed for engines that run sheet metal or billet valve covers that do not have provisions for ignition coils. The brackets are laser cut from 1/8" grade 304 stainless steel for an exact fit and extreme durability. This auction is for a set of brackets and all necessary hardware only (coils are shown for representation only). The spacers are CNC cut from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. All components are made here in the USA and have exceptional quality. The brackets can be powder coated, chromed, or left natural as they will not rust. Please look at the pictures carefully. These brackets are designed to hold stock LS2/LS3 coils only. They will not fit LS1, LS6, LS7, MSD, or truck style coils. If you are looking for a bracket that will hold LS1/LS6 or LS7 style coils, please see our other auctions. Most stock LS3 Camaros, Corvettes, and crate motors run this coil. Some run the 12573190 LS7 coil.If your coil looks different from the ones pictured they will not fit. Depending on what application you have, you may be running these coils on your 5.3L, 5.7L, 6.0L, LS1, LS3,LS6, LS7 and so on. Not a problem, just make sure your coil looks like the one pictured. These are UNIVERSAL brackets. We have customers that mount them on a frame rail, fire wall, under the header, on the back of the head and so on. Every application is different. Need a quote? Have questions? Hit the "ask seller question" at the top of the page. If you are in need of any other LS, small block, big block or Ecotec parts or accessories, please send us your custom sample. If you have any other questions please read the section below. Thank you.

We are Knatmoto ManuFactory based out of Yuhuan Industrial, CN. We specialize in high performance engines parts for off road vehicles, hot rods, classic cars, drag cars, rock crawlers, boats, and custom vehicles. We carry many specialty parts for the Chevrolet LS series engines, Cadillac Northstar and Shortstar, Chevrolet Ecotec, and finally the classic Chevrolet small and big block. If you are looking for more power out of your current set up or want to build an engine from the ground up look no further. We offer tuning services, engine repair, engine swaps, and custom fabrication. We stand behind our product with an industry leading warranty and have thousands of satisfied customers. If you are local, please come visit our factory. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about a product we sell or services we provide, please contact us directly mail, Thank you. 

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